How to Reuse a Silk tie to make Earrings.

I am a really big fan of both homonogous and dangle earrings.  For this week I thought I would experiment making some dangle earrings.  The main ingredient for this lovely new accessory is an old silk tie.  The best part is that these earrings are super light weight!

How to Reuse a Silk Tie to Make Earrings:

1.  Cut about a 2 inch section from the silk tie.  Take out the insides.

2.  Cut the 2 inch piece at the seams to create 2 rectangles of fabric.

3.  Fold the fabric in half, right side to right side.  Use a hot iron to create a crease.

4.  Sew the two sides of the fabric.

5.  Fold the fabric inside out.  You will have one side that is still open.  Carefully fold the fabric in on itself and sew the sew shut.  For more info on this step check out step two of my tutorial on a silk tie necklace.

6.  Pick a button and center it on your new silk tie square piece.  Starting from the back sew your button to the fabric.  Make sure to leave extra thread at the end so you can attach your earring hook.

7.  Attach your earring to the hook.

YAY!  You now have a new pair of earrings.  I think these work as dressed up or casual earrings.  They are fun, simple and unique!

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